The Academy is the internationally-recognized specialty society of ophthalmologists in the Philippines that exists for the benefit and welfare of its members and the Filipino patients.

It aims to ensure access to quality eye care, provided by its competent, qualified members, with the help of other stakeholders, whose continued operations are favorable to the community.

The Academy commits to continuously develop its members professionally through clinical education, research and practice management, in a collegial and harmonious environment, contributing to ethical, professional and compassionate practice. It also aims to influence and produce policies and standards in the furtherance of its goals.

The Academy strives to sustain its commitment to its members and society by promoting growth of its membership and its assets, forging dynamic, relevant, current and innovative approaches to influence local, national and regional eye care.


The PAO will be the exemplary medical society, recognized locally and internationally, as the leading professional development organization committed to the provision of the highest standards of eye care.

Core Values

EXCELLENCE:  We strive to continually learn & improve so that we may achieve the highest ideals of patient care.

INTEGRITY:  We deal honestly and fairly with the public and with one another. We adhere to the truth at all times.

RESPECT:  While we embrace each other’s differences, we value healthy interaction so that we may enrich the well being of everyone.

PROFESSIONALISM AND ETHICAL CONDUCT: We uphold and subscribe to the essential tenets of our relevant codes on these

COMPASSIONATE SERVICE:  We provide caring service for all sectors of society, including the marginalized and vulnerable groups.