5 Common Eye Health Myths

5 Common Eye Health Myths

We need to take care of our eyes well. You have probably heard a lot of theories concerning eye health and vision. To find out which is true or false, here are five common myths that you need to stop believing now.

1. Sitting too close to the TV can harm your eyes

Our mothers have always warned us not to sit too close to the TV, as it will ruin our eyes. They have also warned us that too much computer use can likewise damage our vision. But these are only myths. The truth is, when we work for prolonged periods in front of computers or when we sit too close to the television screen, this can cause eyestrain. Giving your eyes adequate rest can fix this problem.

2. You will develop poor vision if you read in the dark

How could the eyes get damaged when we read without light? Way back in past centuries, people have read and worked by just using gas lamps and candles, as they don’t have electricity. However, having good lighting while reading can lessen eyestrain.

3. Wearing glasses can make your eyes dependent on them

Our eyes become dependent on eyeglasses if we are getting used to see clearly with them. But this doesn’t mean that eyeglasses will change your eyes. Remember that eyeglasses are there to correct blurry vision.Wearing them without prescription won’t ruin your eyes, but it will not make you see clearly.

4. Color blindness affects only males

Females can also be color blind, but males are more prone to it. Color deficiency is another term for color blindness; it makes someone unable to distinguish between certain colors, such as between greens and reds, and occasionally between blues.

5. Eating carrots can sharpen your vision

Carrots are known to have Vitamin A, which is essential for healthy eyesight. But this doesn’t mean that eating too much carrots can make you have sharper eyesight. In fact, eating too much of it will make your skin turn yellow.

Visit your ophthalmologist now to learn the truths about your eyes!


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