Committee on Standards has the following roles:

    1. To recommend for adoption clinical nomenclature as standard terminology for the Academy to use for ophthalmic agents, procedures, processes and the like. For example, the standard visual acuity chart and notation, the official term for lubricant drops, the definition of laser procedures, the grading of the angle, and the stages of diabetic retinopathy.
    2. To develop standard terminology for new procedures or innovations in ophthalmology. For example, the adoption of FLACS or DSEK.
    3. To decide with finality which terms to officially endorse when several terms are apparently equivalent and currently in use, especially when controversy exists. For example MSICS.
    4. To develop and provide minimum standards and guidelines for establishing ophthalmic clinics and other eye facilities in consonance with the times and the needs of the communities they respectively serve.
    5. To adopt or develop clinical practice guidelines based on accepted clinical practices and available evidence for common ophthalmic conditions when deemed necessary in coordination with the Committee on Research.
    6. To propagate the use of the Academy standards in coordination with the Philippine Board of Ophthalmology and other organizations, stakeholders, and relevant institutions.
    7. To disseminate to the members periodically, at least twice a year, in coordination or through the Committee on Publications, an updated list of standards.
    8. To determine the proper terms and acronyms to use for ophthalmic data, printed, electronic or on any other media, especially when they pertain to reportorial requirements of regulating agencies and to national health information technology programs.
    9. To perform all such other duties related to standardization that will arise in the future.


    • Shelley Ann Mangahas
    • Carlos Naval
    • Maida de Castro
    • Richard Kho
    • Jacqueline King
    • Jose Maria Martinez
    • Maria Victoria Rondaris

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