PAO Executive Council

(Seated L-R) Drs. Maria Victoria A. Rondaris, Jessica Marie R. Abaño, Sherman O. Valero, Ruben Lim Bon Siong and Ma. Margarita Lat-Luna
(Standing L-) Drs. Nilo Vincent D. FlorCruz, Richard C. Kho, Fay Charmaine C. Cruz, Marie Joan V. Loy, Andrea Kristina M. Pajarillo, Shelley Ann M. Mangahas, Ma. Donna D. Santiago and Irwin C. Arribas

Sherman O. Valero, M.D.

Vice President
Jessica Marie Abaño, M.D.

Ma. Margarita L. Luna, M.D.

Maria Victoria A. Rondaris, M.D., MPH

Irwin C. Arribas, M.D.
Fay Charmaine S. Cruz, M.D.
Nilo Vincent D. FlorCruz II, M.D.
Richard C. Kho, M.D.
Marie Joan V. Loy, M.D.
Shelley Ann M. Mangahas,M.D.
Andrea Kristina M. Pajarillo, M.D.
Ma. Donna D. Santiago, M.D.

Immediate Past President
Ruben Lim Bon Siong, M.D.

New Chairs of the Standing and AdHoc Committees

Community Ophthalmology Committee/Committee on Finance:
            Maria Victoria Rondaris, MD, MPH

Committee on Ethics and Practice Management/Committee on Membership:
            Ma. Margarita Lat-Luna, MD

Committee on Continuing Education in Ophthalmology/Committee on Research
            Jessica Marie Abaño, MD

Committee on Publications and Library:
             Marie Joan V. Loy, MD

    eFocalpoint Editor-in-Chief:
             Jubaida M. Aquino, MD

    PJO Editor-in-Chief:
             Paolo Antonio S. Silva, MD

Committee on Health Insurance Matters/Committee on International Affairs:
            Sherman O. Valero, MD

Committee on Public Relations and Information
            Fay Charmaine S. Cruz, MD

Committee on Constitution and Legislation:
            Andrea Monzon-Pajarillo, MD

AdHoc Committee on MIT Affairs:
            Richard C. Kho, MD

AdHoc Committee on PAO ROP Working Group:
            Pearl Tamesis-Villalon, MD

AdHoc Committee on Standards:
            Shelley Ann M. Mangahas, MD

PAO ROPWorking Group & Chair, COMELEC:
            Pearl Tamesis-Villalon, MD

            Marcelino D. Banzon, MD

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